How to Cook a Burger

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It does not matter how long you have been cooking or the types of equipment you have in your kitchen, if you are looking to cook a burger, there are different methods you can make use of. However, some of these methods appear more effective than others.

We have a method of cooking burgers that will help you always have the right result. This method can be used in cooking a burger over the grill, in an oven, on the stove, etc.

How to Cook a Burger on a Stove

When looking to cook burgers on a stove, you will be able to get a diner-styled burger when you make use of a cast-iron skillet that is well-seasoned. The cast-iron skillet has a shallow pan, is wide and helps in generating even and dry heat.

Once you have a cast-iron skillet, follow the steps below.

  • Get the dry cast-iron skillet heated on medium-high heat. Continue at this until the cast-iron skillet just starts smoking. This should take place after about 120 seconds. At this point, you will need to go on and put some meat in the skillet. This should be done with a big ice cream scoop that comes with a release trigger.
  • Leave the meat to cook for a couple of seconds. After cooking for a few seconds, get the scoop of meat smashed down into a patty of ½ inch. You should do this with a wide spatula. With the burger sizzling in its fat, it is able to develop uneven, crisp edges, as well as a flavorful sear. Keep cooking the patty and flip it once. This process should continue for about four minutes. After four minutes, it will be well cooked and browned.
  • Go ahead and put a slice of chess on the patty. After this, cover the skillet. Keep cooking until the cheese melts.

Broiling a Burger

This technique can help you get the same result you will get when you use a gas or charcoal grill. You can use the broiler technique on both a full-size oven and an electric toaster oven. However, you will get much better results when you use an electric toaster oven because of concentrated heat you will get due to the tight cooking room of the electric toaster oven. If a toaster oven is not available, you can always use a standard oven.

To broil a burger, follow the steps below.

  • Get the toaster oven preheated. While at this, ensure the distance between the heating element and the rack is as little as possible.
  • Get aluminum foil and use it in lining a baking sheet. After this, you should put a metal rack that has been perforated or a wire on it. Go ahead and put a couple of 8-ounce burgers atop this rack.
  • Move the burger to the toaster oven. Once you do this, get the meat broiled. Continue with this until you have meat that is browned nicely on just a side.
  • Change the burger to the other side with the use of an offset metal spatula. Go on with the cooking until the second side of the meat gets browned. Continue until you get to the temperature you desire.

Steamed Burgers

Not many people are aware of how amazing steamed burgers can be. Nonetheless, it is one style of making burgers you should try out. This style of making burgers is not as popular other styles. It, however, is a style that can be pulled off at home very easily. It also helps the meat stay moist and is totally smokeless.

The steps below will help you cook burgers by steaming

  • Put your flat-bottomed steamer or round wire rack in a wide-bottomed pot. This should be followed by adding ½ inch of water. Once done, get this to boil on medium heat. While this is on, put ¼ cup of ground beef in two clean tuna cans. These cans should be empty and should be 5-ounce. Go ahead and put a couple of slices of white cheddar in two extra cans.
  • Move the cans to the rack and cover the pot. Allow cooking until the cheese melts. This process should last 12-14 minutes. When looking to remove cans, get tongs and grip the edges of the cans with them.
  • Get the heat loosened from the can with a small knife. Once loose, move them to a couple of warm hamburger buns. This should be followed by pouring cheese over the burgers. At this point, your burger is ready to be served.

Grilling a Burger

Grilling burger is one of the most famous ways of preparing a burger. While it is just one of the ways burger can be cooked, it stands out from other styles because of the smoky flavor it is associated with. When the meat is cooked on an open flame, it ends up with a smoky, savory flavor. If you are interested in getting a charred and crispy exterior, you should cook meat and burger on a charcoal grill that is known to be compact. This could be a Lodge Sportsman or a traditional hibachi. On this type of charcoal grill, the grate is not far from the source of heat.

The steps below will help you bet grilled burger

  • Build a charcoal fire with medium heat. At this point, coals should be ashed over completely. They, however, should still have so much heat that you will be unable to leave your hand over them for a couple of seconds.
  • At this point, position the burgers on the grill gate and allow to cook for about 4 minutes. Once it has cooked for his period, you should flip it.

Ensure both sides of the burger get cooked till they get browned. Beyond just getting browned, the burger should be cooked to the doneness of your desire. This should take about 10 minutes if you are cooking 8-ounce burgers. Once you are done cooking, allow burgers to sit still for about five minutes. After this, you can go ahead and serve.…